Services & Treatments

Relieve pain, restore mobility and improve your overall physical and mental well-being with SCENAR therapy, remedial or relaxation massage.

SCENAR will gently activate your own body’s natural healing abilities using reflex bio-feedback which is an interactive and computer-modulated energy-neuro-stimulation that finds, measures and treats problem areas through the skin.

Essential Oils and massage complement this treatment and can assist in your healing journey.

Services 1

SCENAR Therapy

 SCENAR therapy – allow up to 1.5 hours $120,
Pensioner rate $110

SCENAR only therapy please allow up to one hour. $80,
Pensioner rate $70

This can also include a relaxation massage with therapeutic grade essential oils and Reiki Healing. just let me know what you’d prefer

Services 2

Natural Products

Luxurious Face Cream, Scented or Unscented 50ml

Magnesium Body Butter 60ml

“Amazing Oils” Magnesium Products at various prices

Services 3

Relaxation massage

Lower leg and foot massage with essential oils or magnesium cream

Back massage: including neck, head, shoulders, arms and hands, with essential oils or magnesium cream

1 hour full body relaxation massage with essential oils

1.5 hour full body Ultimate relaxation massage $120 with beautiful essential oils and Reiki Healing

Services 4

iTovi Scanner

Measures your individual skin responses to recommend essential oils.

These are then mixed into a roller-ball applicator to take home.

20 minute consult $20

Services 5

Astrology & Numerology Reading

Allow 1.5 hours $180
Follow up readings $90

Please allow two weeks’ notice for me to complete your chart.

Services 6

Ear Candling

With Australian made organic Beeswax Ear Candles includes neck detox/lymphatic drainage treatment with Scenar Shungite crystal electrodes $80

Services 7

Ionic Detox Foot Spa

1 hour treatment which includes a foot massage with Magnesium Body Butter $60

It is recommended that individuals do a 6 week detox to get the most benefit from this treatment. 

Book and pre-pay for a 6-week package $400 – a saving of $80. Pay for 5 and get the sixth one free

Services 8

After treatment you may feel more relaxed, even sleepy! This means your body is beginning to heal. Remember to drink lots of water afterwards and let me know how your body feels.

You may experience improvement in your sleep pattern, or quality of sleep, changes in your appetite or general overall wellbeing – this is a good sign!

SCENAR treatment is very individualised and the speed of recovery will depend on how fast your body will react and how long your condition has existed for. As a rough guide, acute problems may resolve in one to three sessions, while chronic issues may take longer.

If you’re not sure which treatment might be right for you, please contact me and I can advise you based on your specific requirements.

Have been receiving SCENAR treatment on my hands and shoulders followed by a relaxing massage at Encounter Wellbeing for several weeks now with amazing results.

I would highly recommend Christine, for either treatment but my absolute favourite is her relaxation massage it is to die for, so please I found Encounter Wellbeing and the lovely Christine, give it a go you will not be disappointed.
Judith F